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Maxus eDeliver 3 Front Shock Absorber


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2C00127528 /eD3DUSTSHIELD-FRT S/ABS£0.43
3C00127531 /eD3NUT-FRT S/ABS UPR MT£0.78
4C00127536 /eD3GASKET-FRT S/ABS UPR£1.21
5C00134531 /eD3NUT-FRT S/ABS LOCKING£2.14
6C00134533 /eD3PANEL-FRT S/ABS RF CONN£34.63
7C00134534 /eD3BEARING-FRT S/ABS£21.80
8C00134535 /eD3WHEEL-FRT S/ABS UPR SPR£11.28
9C00134537 /eD3CAP-FRT S/ABS DUST£15.77
10C00134540 /eD3BUMPER-FRT S/ABS£16.28
12C00134553 /eD3WASHER-FRT S/ABS LWR SPR WHL£5.11


Maxus eDeliver 3 Front Shock Absorber

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